S162170 Shows its Superior Performance in Mobile Phone Appearance Inspection

S162170, specializing in various inspection projects of Mobile Phone Cover, Middle Plate and Middle Bezel.

In order to solve problems on the Inspection process of new-generation mobile phones, A new model Sizector®3D Camera S162170 has been released, specializing in various inspection projects of Mobile Phone Cover, Middle Plate and Middle Bezel.


After mobile phones entered the era of full screen, all major brands chose the design of extreme thin mobile phone frame to visually present the non-frame effect. It undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements for the production process of mobile phones at all stages. Fortunately, the consumer electronics manufacturing industry represented by the manufacturing industry chain of mobile devices (including smartphones, tablets and other terminals) has a more mature and comprehensive supply chain system than other industries. Under the strict process requirements, a inspection method represented by 3D vision has emerged to meet the increasingly small parts and high precision requirements. We must stabilize the new trend of online full inspection and other industries. In order to effectively solve various problems encountered by customers in the production of the new generation of mobile phones, Sizector ® 3D camera released a new model——S162170, specializing in various inspection problems of mobile phone shell, middle plate and middle frame

S162170 Technical Advantages

Due to the limitation of original resolution, conventional structured light 3D vision products are difficult to obtain good and stable imaging in extreme-thin frame inspection, so they have to give way to thin-width line laser products. Due to the lack of alternatives, users have to weigh among time, i.e. CT (line laser products often need to scan about 4 times to solve the imaging integrity problem), space (the mobile mechanism occupies the machine space), and inspection accuracy (the error caused by the mechanism movement).

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S162170 is a new member of Sizector ®S162 series, its field of vision is suitable for the appearance size of mobile models of major brands, with a resolution of 16.2 million pixels. Even the extreme-thin mobile phone frame of about 0.2 mm can obtain 7 or 8 pixel points. S162170 can accurately output high-quality point clouds within 1 second, which can be used for flatness inspection, altitude difference inspection, foreign objects inspection, assembly inspection and other tests within the field of vision.

S162170 Imaging Effect

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Benefit from the principle of phase-shifting structured light technology and the advantage of native resolution of up to 16.2 million, S162170 is designed for most inspections in mobile phone manufacturing industry. Almost all types of 3D inspection within the field of view can be realized in one shot, including but not limited to:

·Flatness inspection of mobile phone shell·

·Inspention of foreign matters in bettery compartment·

·TP frame flatness/ altitude difference inspection·

·Gluing 3D path planning/ guidance·

·3D rubber path inspection·

·Assembly inspection of internal structure of mobile phone·

With the help of S162170, customers can quickly evaluate the project and easily deal with the complex inspection environment on the production site. Now, only few prototypes are available for test. You are welcome to contact us!

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