The S162 series 3D camera has a resolution of 16.2 million pixels and 5328 pixels on the long side of the FOV (non-interpolated). It is the highest native-resolution 3D camera in the industry. In the case of full point cloud output, the full-period frame rate of the S162 series can be up to amazing 4.0FPS (non-Binning), which provides a guarantee for the realization of 2D+3D integrated inspection.

With its ultra-high resolution and extreme-fast full-cycle frame rate, the S162 series 3D cameras depending on the industry-leading S technology platform are able to obtain high-resolution 3D data and high-precision 3CCD true color images without Bayer matrix in one time. The 2D+3D integrated inspection is truly realized by our new S162 series 3D camera!




Framerate of whole cycle time (FPS)

≤14.5 / ≤4.0

≤14.5 /≤ 4.0

Resolution(Mega Pixels)



Clearance Distance(mm)



Stangdard FOV(mm)



Measurement Range Z(mm)



Single Repeatability Z(um)*1、*2



Area Repeatability Z(um)*1、*3



*1. Repetition accuracy of full field of view and panoramic depth: shoot the target at the positive limit depth of field, zero plane and negative limit depth of field respectively, take 9 edge and corner areas evenly for each FOV for measurement, and take the worst result of 27 z-axis repetition accuracy values; The target is ceramic plate.

*2 single point z-axis repetition accuracy: 100 times the standard deviation of the difference between the Z value of single point P and the z-mean value of region a. The area of a is 1% FOV, and P is located in the center of A.

*3 area z-axis repetition accuracy: 100 times the standard deviation of the difference between the z-mean of area a and the z-mean of area B. A. B area is 1% FOV, and the two are adjacent.

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