News Express | Mega Phase Technology and Aqrose Technology Shook Hands for Their Strategic Partnership



Recently, Mega Phase Technology and Aqrose Technology have reached in-depth strategic cooperation on AI + 3D Technology. The two sides will cooperate in software and hardware development, industry application and other aspects to jointly promote the landing and promotion of new technologies represented by AI and 3D in the industrial field.

Strategic Partnership


Mega Phase Technology,founded in 2014, is located in Zhangjiang Science City, Shanghai. It is a well-known industrial grade structured light 3D camera manufacturer in the industry and the leader of 3D group of Standardization Committee of China machine vision industry alliance. The company's core product is Sizector® 3D camera, which is based on hardware computing technology, and are widely used in the field of industrial inline inspection. At present, Mega Phase has launched a true color 3D camera with original resolution up to 16.2 million, which realizes one-stop fusion detection for 2D + 3D or AI + 3D.

Founded in 2017, Aqrose Technology focuses on the application of leading artificial intelligence and machine vision Technology in the industrial field, enabling China's best advanced manufacturing and intelligent logistics customers. The AI industry vision platform software Aidi, vertical industry AI solutions, aipick and other products have been widely used in consumer electronics, automobile, new energy, medicine, semiconductor, logistics and other industry scenarios. At present, more than 100 Aidi factories have been deployed online, including dozens of benchmarking enterprises in the field of advanced manufacturing and intelligent logistics, which has become the leader of domestic industrial AI platform.

On cooperation, both sides have very positive expectations and views.

Wu Di, founder of Mega Phase Technology, said that at present AI detection mainly uses 2D image data for training, while 3D cameras are mainly used for size detection. Using 3D + 2D data for machine learning, the accuracy of AI detection will be greatly improved because of the improvement of data dimension and richer information. This will further expand the application scenarios of AI in the industrial field and speed up the implementation of AI. As outstanding enterprises in their respective fields for many years, the two sides will work together to promote technological innovation and industrial change.

Huang Yao, founder of Aqrose Technology, said that Mega Phase Technology is a well-known manufacturer of structured light 3D cameras in China, with rich hardware foundation and experience; Aqrose Technology is a vision company with AI software as the core. Both sides complement each other in Technology, adhere to the pragmatic style, take customers as the center, and truly solve practical problems for customers. With the help of AI + 3D Technology, the two sides will jointly promote the solution of complex 3D detection problems in 3C, automobile and other industries.

At the same time, the two companies are the winners of the same professional awards in the domestic machine vision industry. Mega Phase Technology and Aqrose Technology products have won the special awards of machine vision innovation products of China Machine Vision Industry Alliance (cmvu) in 2018 and 2019 respectively,This top award in the machine vision industry in China represents the recognition of Sheng Xiang and Aqrose technical strength by practitioners and experts and scholars. In the future, Aqrose Technology and Mega Phase Technology will give full play to the advantages of both sides, optimize the AI landing process, promote the application of ai+3d Technology in 3C, automobile and other fields, solve complex industrial detection and disorderly grasping problems, and jointly help customers realize digital and intelligent transformation and improve quality and efficiency.

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