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The latest edition of sizector ® 3D camera s series user's manual (hereinafter referred to as "user manual") is officially released. Users can log in to the official website of Shengxiang technology and click [support] - [instruction manual]=to download the complete version The user's manual will be the closest professional technical support to you. It has three main parts, which introduces in detail the hardware connection settings of S series, the description of SDK and routine modules, and other important notes.

You will get

More detailed hardware introduction

Users can obtain the hardware parameters, installation dimensions, product operating environment and required configuration of S-Series 3D cameras. The contents are more detailed. Users can refer to the user's manual to realize the mastery from zero basis to S-Series conventional installation.

More intuitive SDK and routine description

S-Series supporting SDK can not only help customers complete camera control, 3D point cloud model reconstruction, project imaging evaluation and data verification, but also provide relatively perfect sample programs for secondary development technicians Based on the needs of users, the user's manual gives a detailed introduction to the functions and usage of each module of SDK and routine.

User manual is the nearest professional technical support to you

Technology platform

Sizector ® S series technology platform of 3D camera was officially launched in July 2020. So far, 8 models of 2.8 megapixel and 1 model of 16.2 megapixel 3D cameras have been launched. S series not only meets the high frame rate requirements of online detection, but also has powerful hardware functions (such as hardware HDR, hardware matrix transformation, hardware point cloud post-processing, etc.), which can support the output of a variety of 3D data formats, as shown in the figure below.
Support the output of various 3D data formats

S technology platform has a high degree of openness and rich scalability, and can provide more configurations and models of 3D cameras. In the future, it will launch more types of products, such as different mesh numbers (1 / 2 / 4 mesh), supporting external light source expansion (external RGB light source can be connected to realize rgbd data output), and configuring telecentric / non telecentric lens, to meet the increasingly changing needs of 3D applications.
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